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In group coaching, Teri jointly coaches a number of business owners and executives. Each group member works on his or her own goals in addition to gaining key information on business topics such as sales, time management and leadership.


Group coaching allows professionals to share issues, discuss challenges and learn from each other. Members continually experience camaraderie, support and increased motivation. Business owners network, recommend vendors — even hire each other. 


Group coaching is highly effective for start-up business owners, managers with similar responsibilities and teams within companies.

Clients Say


“Thanks to Teri's coaching group, I’ve had the most lucrative six months of my career. The results were powerful. My confidence as a successful businessman soared.” —Bill Fischer, MetLife


“As a result of Teri’s business group, my sales have increased 30%-50%. I'm now exceeding my monthly quota and have become a top performer in my company." — Pam Friday, former Sales Manager, Alpha Business Systems 


“In Teri's coaching group I met five amazing people who changed the course of my life. I'm no longer a single person cranking out work in my home office. I'm now President of my own company providing Virtual Office services to eight clients and income to four Virtual Assistants.” — Linda B. Selden, President, LBS Business Services, Inc.


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