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Teri presenting at MetLife's Women's

Conference, Orlando, Florida

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Most Requested Topics

Success Without Stress

Simple Steps to Reducing Overwhelm

Teri shares strategies from her new book, Success Without Stress: Simple Steps to Finding Calm for Women Business Owners. Most professionals are stressed daily. Some think it’s normal and necessary in order to succeed. Teri trains how the opposite is true. Savvy Business Owners make decisions thoughtfully, communicate clearly & grow their businesses purposefully. This is the true path to success.

Quieting Your Inner Bully

Transform Negative Conversations into

Amazing Business Growth


Did you know 80% of internal conversations are negative? The Inner Bully is loud, critical and relentless. Learning strategic ways to quiet this voice and sometimes embrace it (when it might be useful) is key to success.

Fearless Networking

Maximize Your Huge Untapped Sales Market

Some professionals freeze up when they walk into a networking event. They think successful networkers are born that way. They say, “Why bother?” News flash. Effective networking skills can easily be learned and implemented.

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